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Finish the sentence : 'Someone will like my music if they like...Tori Amos, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Lykke Li, Strawberry Switchblade, Dresden Dolls.'

Key career highlights :

• Appeared on NBC's 'Star Tomorrow' with David Foster and Mick Fleetwood in 2009

• Played on KROQ on Rodney on the ROQ, KCRW on The Dirty Dave Show

• Music placed in three films : 'Weir Inn Estate,' (UK, Ubik Kollective Films), 'Black Room Doom' (Kim Fowley) and 'A Gothic Story' (Sundance Film Festival, RedView Studio)

• Featured in the movie 'Black Room Doom'/Directed and Produced by Kim Fowley

• Currently working with Producer Kim Fowley on a new album soon to be

• Had songs placed on four Cleopatra Records compilation CDs including 'Gothic Acoustic Tribute to NIN,' 'Gothic Divas,' 'A Tribute to She Wants Revenge,' and 'Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before' tribute to the Smiths

• U.S. Tour with Metropolis artists Ego Likeness and Bella Morte

• Played LA Music Awards Showcase

• LA Music Awards Nominee (2005)

• Rock City Music Awards Nominee (2006)

How and when you started making music : 'I taught myself how to play piano at age 6 and I have played and written music ever since.'

What makes your music different? 'I love the darkness. Most musicians write about sadness to some degree, but there is always hope on the other end, an outcry of how justice will prevail. Mine does not reflect hope it simply shows raw emotions.  How the mind works in these delicate times, even if it is dark and twisted. This does not mean however, that I don't write the occasional uplifting song. Sacrifice is about the transcendence of the human soul and how one can grow to love instead of hate.'

Convince me to see your next show : 'In the shadows shines a light, bright with power and beauty. A raging Goddess of passion and delight stands before you with the voice of an angel. The music is delicate and dreamy, amidst the color of beautiful lights and imagery, she emerges alone adorned in feathers and a 1920s boudoir flare. Then it begins - the darkness, the piano, her voice.'

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you have to offer them as an artist? 'I only wanted to be an artist to help others. Music has always given me strength to get through anything. Doesn't matter how hard times get, when you put a good song on it encompasses your heart and your mind and takes you to a little place where you can see the truth inside yourself. This is the place I want my music to take people in their grief, changes, romance, and happiness. To give someone a reason to wake up the next day is why I write these songs.'

Artist contact: Al Gomes and A. Michelle | Big Noise
Tel: 401-274-4770 USA

Big Noise, LLC | 11 South Angell Street | Suite 336 | Providence, RI 02906 | USA