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Give a creative, but accurate one-sentence description of your music: A singer songwriter, retro throw-back, yet modern rock sound with a sexy, funky feel.

Finish the sentence: Someone will like our music if they...enjoy real music - real rock 'n' roll played by real people.

Key career highlights:
• Mixed single 'South Side Suicide' with the legendary Chris Lord-Alge in Los Angeles
• Shared the stage with Train, Sugar Ray, 3 Doors Down and many other national acts

How and when you started making music together: We started off as kids jamming in the late '90s (1998). We were playing in other bands and starting writing together and never stopped.

What makes your music different? I think what makes it different is there is a classic element to it. No tricks or frills. While we have a modern alternative edge to our sound, we are making records like Neil Young was making before we were born. Un-bashful real music. Mistakes and all. Fans always say your records are great but you are even better live! Most bands don't get that praise because most of what they recorded was altered to be perfect and they can't recreate it live. We take great pride in that.

Convince me to see your next show: Our live shows are a lot of fun. Again, pure, dynamic rock n roll. Not a night goes by where someone doesn't say 'Holy crap, I thought there 5 of you up there! How do get so much sound from 3 guys?'

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you have to offer them as artists? Again, we find true music lovers like The Complaints. We like all genres of music, as do our fans. We've been known to cover Nirvana and Bruno Mars in the same set, pretty diverse. Our songs are the same way.

Artist contact: Al Gomes and A. Michelle | Big Noise
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 401-274-4770 USA

Big Noise, LLC | 11 South Angell Street | Suite 336 | Providence, RI 02906 | USA