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Give a creative, but accurate one-sentence description of your music: My music is different and one of a kind, offering a unique sound. Someone will like my music if they like a twist in the creation of music.

Key career highlights: My career highlights are when Jason Flom of Lava Records and Tate Christian Records contacted me regarding that they sent my music to their A&R directors for consideration. Also for Big Noise taking me under their wing.

How and when you started making music: I started music when I was around 15 years old but got led astray. I got back into it in 2008 when I created my own CD, that turned into a band experience. Eventually, I drifted to my own music that turned into PWJazy and released my album ('World Trip Mentality') in September 2012. I got involved in music, in part to listening to my favorite bands (U2, Korn, Enya) that made me feel better. My passion for music led me to creating and on.

What makes your music different? My music is different because I did not try to follow a particular genre. I followed my own path, making everything myself, with the inspiration of my favorite bands.

Convince me to see your next show: If you come to see a show, you will be intrigued by the objective that my songs portray. With my unique voice and style, you will be uplifted musically.

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you have to offer them as an artist? It is important to connect to music fans because I want them to hear what I sing about. I want them to turn on one of my songs and be glad they're listening. I offer awesome music that is its own - for anybody and everybody that is positive.

Artist contact: Al Gomes and A. Michelle | Big Noise
Tel: 401-274-4770 USA

Big Noise, LLC | 11 South Angell Street | Suite 336 | Providence, RI 02906 | USA