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Give a creative, but accurate one-sentence description of your music: A progressive-metal band presenting 12 epic tales orchestrated by mountains of rock guitars, luscious keyboards, huge drums and bass, and soaring vocals that remind you what great rock music is - and always will be.

Finish the sentence: Someone will like our music if they like…songs which have interesting twists and turns, lyrics filled with imagery and stories, hard rock power, and a progressive bent as opposed to simple songs. This is for lovers of Deep Purple and The Cult to those who would enjoy a heavier version of Steely Dan, with keyboard roots in ELP & Yes, guitar rock from Avenged Sevenfold to Metallica to Dream Theater - cool rock drums and bass, and powerful vocals, all in a song-structured format.

Key career highlights:
• Chromus band members have been signed to Columbia Records, A&M Records, CBS International, Inside Out Music, and Prog Rock Records
• At various stages of their careers, they have played in support acts for Journey, Van Halen, Boston, The J. Geils Band, Elvin Bishop, Asia, Mark Farner, Boston, and others
• Don Bird played with the Bellevue Philharmonic Band as well as the New Deal Rhythm Band. He was also employed for many years by Roger Linn (Linn Drum Machine) and worked on one of the first guitar-to-MIDI converters. He went on to develop and market revolutionary broadcast digital audio and video players as well as digital cinema systems for mastering and distribution. Don also worked as a high-position employee for DTS (Digital Theater Systems). Don has played with several talented Seattle bands including Gabriel, Shots, and Ears, where he worked with Grammy Award Winning producer Paul Speer.
• Phil Davis was nominated for a Juno Award for his song 'Sparrow' (Bighorn-Columbia) and was a semi-finalist in the American Songwriting Contest for his song 'Star Rocker' (Bighorn-CBS International). Phil also played with A&M recording artists Johnny & the Distractions (Al Kooper, Producer) and helped place one of Don Bird's songs ('Fear is Gone') as the opening cut of Johnny Koonce's solo album on A&M. Phil has also performed with Alan White (drummer for Yes) doing live stints around the Pacific Northwest.
• Mike Peterson was the longstanding drummer for successful Aberdeen metal band JED with several great album releases
• Brian Cokeley recorded/performed with Presto Ballet, a band which has developed quite a following in Europe, as well as working as a vocal instructor at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute

How and when you started making music together: There was a serendipitous quality to the beginning of Chromus. While on vacation in Mexico, keyboardist Phil Davis heard his friend, Scott Karnas, sing in a Mazatlan bar accompanied by Phil on piano and Phil's son, Max, on guitar. 'Scott has never really sung for a real rock band before,' said Scott's wife, Crystal. 'But I'm telling you he can SING!' 'WOW! Was she ever right!' says Phil. The next day, Phil & Scott met by the pool and ever so slowly, the wheels began to turn and Chromus was born; right then, right there in downtown Mazatlan. That was July of 2008…and now we are moving from the first CD 'Chromus' to 'Chromus II : Maximus'. This is really starting to get fun!

What makes your music different? The woven fabric of the songs in a heavy rock format (this is not Rihanna… but we do love her!).

Convince me to see your next show: If you like our records, you'll LOVE our live show! We have been in the studio since Summer 2013, but we played our last show in July to a packed house at the Chester Tavern in downtown South Bend, WA. It was cool, because everyone knew EVERY SONG! They cheered after Max's guitar solos, at the end of intricate instrumental passages, for group vocals on choruses.... Chromus brought it and the crowd LOVED it! We play our music as per the CD, but with cool embellishments and expansion of certain passages in the songs. We are truly looking forward to picking the best material from our first two CDs and continuing to build a live show that absolutely slays! We'll have it ready for you....Just come ready to ROCK!

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you have to offer them as artists? Much of our lyrical imagery is based on real-life topics, and our first album ('Chromus') deals with everything from war, social commentary, fatherhood, addiction, spirituality, transcendence, and living life to the fullest in a courageous manner. Our music has been described as nouveau-metal, progressive metal, or retro-rock, and the music has a reassuringly heavy, familiar vibe while still being 100% original.

Artist contact: Al Gomes and A. Michelle | Big Noise
Tel: 401-274-4770 USA

Big Noise, LLC | 11 South Angell Street | Suite 336 | Providence, RI 02906 | USA