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The Forz

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The Forz

Genre:  Power Pop with a '60s flair

Give a creative one-sentence description of your music:  Inspired by the sound, image, and experience of 1960's rock 'n' roll, The FORZ came together to create the band they had always dreamed of hearing and seeing in their time.

Finish this sentence - People will like our music if they like... The Beatles, The Zombies, The Shins, or Tame Impala.

Key career highlights:
Top Five pick on WZLX Boston Emissions twice in 2013, airplay on Little Steven's Underground Garage, airplay on 3MDR Australian Radio, The Music Authority, and Ice Cream Man Power Pop, which chose their debut album as Album of the Week in 2014.
The Forz

How and when you started making music together:  In June 2012, guitarist and songwriter duo Cole Tyler and Anthony Graziano first met and discussed ideas for a band that would encompass their biggest fascination: the music, look, and style of bands like The Zombies and The Beatles. With Ryan Hottenrott on drums, Dave Gambon on bass, and all four sharing lead vocal duties, the newest and most genuine rock 'n' roll band in all of Massachusetts was born.

What makes your music different?  Our music doesn't focus on anything mainstream. It's a combination of everything that's going on now and everything that went on in the '60s and '70s, brought back to the present day in a way that's refreshing. It doesn't feel dull or forced, it is an extension of four individuals mutual passion.

The Forz

Convince me to see your next show:  Watching The FORZ in concert is a true rock experience. The music is upbeat, the songs endearing, and the energy that radiates from the stage will leave you glowing with excitement.

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you have to offer them as artists?  Music fans are what make this all a reality. We love connecting with our fans because we are just like them. Looking for something new, exciting and genuine and we feel that we offer that in our recordings and performances.

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