Billy Hinsche Dennis Wilson Film
Billy Hinsche Dennis Wilson Film
Billy Hinsche Dennis Wilson Film
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Billy Hinsche Dennis Wilson Film
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Because of Big Noise's efforts, Billy Hinsche's documentary 'Dennis Wilson Forever' was placed on the Official Ballot for the 2009 Grammy Awards by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for Best Long Form Music Video.

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After three years in the making, this powerful documentary on the life of one of the most interesting, creative, and lovable members of the Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson, is now available on DVD! 'Dennis Wilson Forever' was produced and directed by Dennis' brother-in-law and long-time Beach Boys sideman Billy Hinsche, who shared many years on stage with Dennis throughout the most memorable times of his professional career.

Filled with fascinating, funny, outrageous anecdotes about Dennis the surfer, drummer, race car driver, songwriter and friend, the film is an insightful, honest, loving look at the incredible life of the legendary Beach Boys drummer as seen through the eyes of those who knew him best; containing over thirty different interviews conducted from 2004-2007 with family members, close friends, fellow musicians, co-workers, admirers, and members of the Beach Boys past and present.

You will be moved to laughter and tears while hearing about some of his many adventures and how he inspired and touched the lives of those with whom he came into contact over the years. This full-length feature film includes vintage black & white photos and footage of Dennis and the Beach Boys during their summer tour of the Midwest in May 1974. The soundtrack incorporates Billy's song "One in a Million" (written for Dennis) into the body of the film.

"This is great stuff. Beach Boys fans (and not just the serious, scholarly ones) should definitely get a hold of this DVD, and get to know the 'Real Beach Boy,' as seen through the eyes of a wonderful collection of people who knew him, loved him, played with him, partied with him, cried with him, made music with him, studied him... and miss him with all of their hearts."
- Alan Boyd, Beach Boys filmmaker/archivist

"Ultimately, the whole theme of the early Beach Boys, to me, comes from Dennis."
- Domenic Priore, Beach Boys author

"He was like my first mentor in playing rock 'n' roll music."
- Desi Arnaz, Jr., drummer

"I always remember him being the life of the room he would set it off."
- Justyn Wilson, nephew

"I always wanted to be Dennis Wilson."
- John Stamos, actor

"He was the sexiest man ever."
- Carnie Wilson, niece

"He's tough on the outside and tender on the inside a force to be reckoned with."
- David Pack, co-founder of Ambrosia

"He was just full of life and love and warmth."
- Wendy Wilson, niece

"I was very aware of his material on 'Sunflower' because he had four of the best songs on that whole record."
- Alan Boyd, filmmaker

"It seems like every moment with Dennis was an adventure of some sort."
- Matt Jardine, singer, percussionist

"I don't know that he ever, himself, really appreciated his own talent."
- Barbara Wilson, former wife

"I love Dennis' music."
- Ricky Fataar, drummer, former Beach Boy

"As much as he raced through life he still had a soft heart."
- Dewey Bunnell, co-founder of America

"Raw, gritty, heartfelt and full of spirit and light, this film goes where no other documentary has gone and shows a side of Dennis and his family and friends that we've never seen before. And stories we've never heard. It makes you feel what it was like to create music with the man, race cars with him or just hang with him what it was like to be his friend and be in his family. What it was like to be in the room with Dennis Wilson. And all the laughter and tears and, ultimately, joy that came with it. What was Dennis really like? That's the question every fan asks. With his film, Billy has answered."
- Steve Latshaw, screenwriter

"Billy's tribute to Dennis Wilson is a dream come true for fans of the late, great drummer. It's nice to see Dennis finally getting his due in such a loving manner by those who knew him best. I had the good fortune of being there for a few of the interviews and after viewing this film, learned a lot about Dennis that isn't in any of the books or movies currently circulating throughout the fan community. This film is a must own for Beach Boys fans or anyone interested in classic southern California culture."
- Jeff Celentano, singer, member of Tripsitter

"What a wonderful tribute to that immense, multifaceted presence that Dennis was. From the bull in the china shop to the sensitive, thoughtful artist, Billy seems to unveil it all through the stories of Dennis' peers. Billy is the supreme musical detective."
- Ed Carter, musician

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The re-release of Dennis Wilson's masterpiece,
'Pacific Ocean Blue'

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