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The Official Bunny Slippers Photo Gallery

Breaking News:

Minnie Pearl Hogan-Gomes has been chosen to be featured in the #1 selling cat calendar in the world - The 365 Kittens A Year Calendar - Read the complete details!

Hot News:

Bowie Alexander and Minnie Pearl have found their long-lost brother Oliver!

Read Oliver's letters to his brother and sister

Check out our Exclusive Oliver Photo Gallery

More News:

Bowie Alexander Hogan-Gomes was chosen to be featured in the #1 selling cat calendar in the world - The 365 Kittens A Year Calendar.

The great news was announced with the following letter on September 13, 2000:

Dear Al Gomes and A. Michelle,

Congratulations! I'm delighted to inform you that you are a winner in the 2001 Kitten Calendar Contest. Your winning entry will appear in The 3-6-5 Kittens A Year Calendar for 2001.

Your photograph of Bowie makes a wonderful contribution to the calendar and will appear on September 22, 2001.

I'm especially happy to enclose a complimentary copy of the calendar, which I hope you'll enjoy all year long.

Best wishes for the coming year.


Ina Weisser

This is the write-up we submitted with photos of Bowie and his sister Minnie Pearl:

'Brother and sister that were adopted by us from our vet who found them on his doorstep with their mom. They're very bright, very playful, very happy kittens, and they come running when we call their names!'

Henry Miller was unfortunately too old to submit photos for, although after seeing several of the other kitties featured this year, we're going to give Henry a shot with next year's submissions (he's ready for his close-up now).

Congratulations to Bowie Alexander! He has been beaming since the news arrived here at Big Noise Headquarters.

Check out our Official Bunny Slippers Photo Gallery featuring the winning picture and the other great photos that were submitted of Bowie Alexander and Minnie Pearl (in addition to cool photos of Henry Miller and our lovely Charlotte Bronte).

You can e-mail all of them fan mail at al@bignoisenow.com


The Official Bunny Slippers Photo Gallery

The Official Oliver Photo Gallery

E-mail Bowie, Minnie, Henry and Oliver

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