Casey Mattes
Casey Mattes
Casey Mattes
Casey Mattes
Casey Mattes
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Casey Mattes

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Iowa native-Casey Mattes is extremely driven with ample experience in recording, producing, filming, performing, and working within the entertainment industry. With an addiction to pop music and a love for performing, Casey will stop at nothing to fulfill his dream of becoming a star. His unique mix of pop and singer-songwriter is a crowd-pleasing genre which Casey has used to gain a following in his hometown. However, it won't be long before his music is sung by audiences all across the nation.

The top priority for Casey is to make a difference in the world with his music. After losing a family member to a muscular disease called myasthenia gravis, he has devoted his attention to fighting muscular diseases by supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). 85% of the profits Casey receives from his YouTube channel go directly to the MDA to help support research and treatment for diseases such as MG and ALS affecting millions of people and families world-wide. The rest of the profits go back into making more video content for Casey's fans who want to support this amazing cause alongside him.

Casey continues to put 110% of his time and effort into making the high-quality music that his fast-growing fanbase has come to expect. As an independent artist, he knows exactly what it takes to make it in the music industry, and so he is looking for the opportunity to take his music career to the next level. Now is the time to formally introduce the newest up-and-coming star to the world - Casey Mattes. Read more...

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