August 25 , 2001

Christina's fans reacted
quickly to the Aaliyah news here
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Here are the messages and condolences from Christina's fans to the family and friends of Aaliyah:

Aaliyah was an amazing singer, actress, and person. She was very loved by many people and it is a shame to have to say goodbye. Aaliyah will always live on in all her fans and her loved ones. We love you, Aaliyah and will never forget you.

Love, Lisset Gonzalez

I can remember buying her record when I was just ten years old. My very first record. Over time I have come to love her music and the person that she was, so genuine and sweet, and even more than words could express. She never seemed like a diva, and she appreciated everything that had been given to her to the fullest. She helped me through some very rough times in my life. And I know I am the not the only one who will be missing her for a very long time. I give peace, love, and prayer to her family. I pray for Aaliyah to watch over the ones who loved, and for God to watch over Aaliyah. May the world never forget the sweet young girl we loved so much.

Peace, love, and prayers,
Colleen (

I'm really sorry for what happened. Aaliyah was one talented young lady, she was beautiful inside and out. She's one of a kind - she's one in a million.

She will be missed badly, but she will be remembered by her music and accomplishments.

God bless,

I was a big fan of Aaliyah's. She touched my soul in so many ways with her lyrics. And her down to earth personality. She was very talented and she didn't desereve to die like that. I'm really saddened by the news. It feels like a family member of mine has just died, 'cause she was loved so much in my house. I will truly miss her and her music. Aaliyah RIP....WE LOVE YOU!

Chris Williams


R.I.P Babygirl. I love you now and forever. Be with God now and I'll see you soon in heaven.

Bye for now Babygirl.

Carmen Saldi

My blessings go out to all the Aaliyah fans and her family. I just want say keep your head up and stay strong. She will be greatly missed. May she rest in Peace. God Bless.


I can't believe that this happened to her. May she rest in peace. She has been one of my ALL TIME idols since she first came out. I looked to her as a role model because she always seemed so grounded and down to earth. She seemed to have her feet on the ground and her head on straight. She was SO beautiful and talented and had so much to offer. I can't believe that she's gone now and we won't ever hear another interview from her and they'll be no new album. Rest in peace Aaliyah!! You've been a hero and role model to MILLIONS and you'll be greatly missed. My prayers to the rest of the people that were killed in the accident and their families as well as Aaliyah's family.

Candace (CandyGirl91401)

She was a talented woman. So sweet and innocent. Beautiful, full spirited, positive black woman. Aaliyah I will remember you for everything you were worth to this world. Your movies, your singing, your dancing, your excellence.



Aaliyah - you were a beautiful, intellingent, articulate, humble, gracious woman. Your death is truly a tragedy. Although we can't turn back the hands of time, we can keep your memory alive. You will always be remembered for the beautiful person you were.

We will miss you Babygirl. Rest In Peace.

With all love,

Aaliyah will always be in my heart. One of my favorite songs by her is called 'Turn The Page:'

A special smile, a certain touch
I never had a love that I loved so much
When I look back, you're everywhere
Turn the page, you were there

My very best friend, my summer day
My only someone to depend on
When I lost my way
You came and answered my every prayer
Turn the page, you were there

What would I do if some strange morning,
I opened up my eyes to find you gone
I can't imagine how I would survive it
I finally got the reason to go on

My one sure thing, my solid ground
All I ever wanted was the love that we found
When I look back, you're everywhere
Turn the page, you were there, yeah

Those are some of the lyrics to her song - now, I'm dedicating them back to her - I love you Aaliyah and I always will... You were one of my inspirations... not for singing, acting, or dancing... but for living... And now you are gone...

Rest in Peace Aaliyah

Love Always,
Nicasia O.

Tonight my friend told me about her death and as I am writing this letter, I still have chills. It's hard for me to understand why God took her. I know I don't know her personally, but she was a great singer and a good actress. This is very hard for many of us, fans and non-fans. I hope she is OK, up in Heaven.

R.I.P. Aaliyah. Always in our hearts and our minds.


First and foremost, I'm still in shock. I can't believe such a thing has happened! She was so young. She was so successful and talented, and I still can't swallow the fact that it had to end like this.


She had the voice of an angel. She sang so beautifully, I swear, if I listened to one of her songs right now, I just wouldn't be able to stand it. It's like I'll never be able to hear her beautiful voice again (besides her music), or to ever have the chance to see her in person.

There's so many things going through my head, I can't unscramble everything I want to say. I just want everyone to know that I hope she rests in peace, and she can be an angel as she says in her song...

'If you say what you mean, and you mean what you say.
My love, my love will be here always.
Lately I've had the strangest feeling
A feeling I can't deny
That angels watchin over us and our life
Angels watchin over you, over me
Angels watchin over you, over me'

We loved you Aaliyah, and we still do. You'll never leave our memories, and you will always be missed. God Bless Aaliyah's Family, Friends, and Fans.


I wrote this poem and it was about a girl who didn't live up to her expectations. I wrote it a week ago, and I called it 'Untitled.' I am replacing 'Untitled' with the name 'Aaliyah.' And changing the words to fit her.


As they sat there reflecting on her life,
They couldn't believe all she didn't do,
All she could've done,
All the dreams she could have pursued.

She has in the spotlight her whole life,
Was lucky enough to be given a chance to be,
She believed in herself,
And found so much victory.

Looking at her; so beautiful,
Such an inspiration to many young girls,
Yet a shocking revelation,
Changed so many peoples worlds.

Her beautiful voice everyone heard,
Every note she would give,
Finding success as it's given,
And her legacy will ALWAYS live.

God Bless you Aaliyah. I will never forget the days when I used to sing along with your songs. You are beautiful and amazing and such a great person. You died way too young, there is so much more you would've been. Girl, you know you'll be missed. As I sit here in tears I want you to know that you are something special and I'm glad your gift of music was shared with the world.

Love Always,
Khiara Hogan

Aaliyah was a great singer, one of the best dancers I have ever seen and an awesome actress. Her death was a total shock and my prayers go out to her fiends and family. I might have only known her from her movies and music, but I could see the passion she had for what she did. She was always so cheerful when I would see her on TV. This is a huge loss for not only the music business, but also her fans have suffered a huge loss. She died was to young and I send my thoughts and my prayers to her family and friends.

From a longtime fan,
Adam Hawkins

Aaliyah was such a beautiful and talented person. I saw her on MTV's 'Diary' and I noticed how happy and blessed she really was. I liked her music and personality. She seemed like such a nice and outgoing person. She was taken from us way too early. I pray for her and her family. May she rest in peace. God Bless!

Josiane Makon


Aaliyah was such a young person and she was so beautiful and talented. The things she did with her life were a true blessing and it tears away at me thinking that happened to someone with such a great ambition and an ultimate passion for life. I will never forget Aaliyah. God bless her.


I've been a fan since back in the day and she's always been such a great inspiration to me. Such a beautiful and talented young star, she was truly one in a million. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, and my fellow fans. She'll be greatly missed, may she rest in peace.


Aaliyah was one awesome singer! She died too young.


Aalyah is gone. I'm from the Bahamas. This breaks my heart to hear this terrible news. I first saw Aalyah on BET. She did 'Back and Fourth.' I immediately became a fan and bought her first album 'Age Ain't Nothing But A Number.' She was in her teens then. Got all her albums, and seen her movie 'Romeo Must Die.' Amazing talent. I will miss her terribly. My condolences to her family, friends, and all Aalyah fans out there. Remember that song she did called 'At Your Best (You Are Love)?' Well that's what she is. May god bless Aalyah, the victims on that plane, and their families.


I feel so sad. This is horrible. Why did this have to happen to her? She was so talented. When my dad told me this morning I couldn't believe it. It was just a few days ago I was watching her 'Diary' special and listening to her new album. My prayers are with her family and friends. I wish them only the best.


God rest your soul, Aaliyah (Babygirl)

I was called by a friend not long ago and I was told probably the worst news. One of my favorite entertainers of all time passed away last night. Only 22 years old, and she had so much ambition and beauty, inside as well as out. The world has lost a beautiful person. She's now in heaven with her grandmother, whom she loved dearly. Aaliyah, please know that we'll miss you and we will meet again.

Lauren (DreamyEyesFan)

Aaliyah will be missed by millions. I still am in shock about this. This does not feel right. I'm sorry to all those she leaves behind (including us).


She was so young! Only 22. I am 21, and it makes me thankful for every breath I take. It makes me so mad that this happened to such a good person.


I'm so heartbroken right now. She seemed to be the sweetest young lady. I was a huge fan. I have all of her albums. I just cannot believe this. My prayers are with her family, and I will never forget her.


I've been one of Aaliyah's biggest fans since 'Back and Forth.' I just couldn't believe it. She was my idol. In the 8th grade I used to do my hair like hers and dress like her so I could be more like her. I loved her music, her voice, and her style. I bought the whole Dr. Doolittle soundtrack just to hear 'Are You That Somebody' and I went to see 'Romeo Must Die' just to see her. I love her and will always miss her. I am soo sad right now, I still just can't believe it.



We all just need to remember the good times. Try not to focus on the fact that she has passed. I know that is a very hard thing to do, but think of all the good things, and the reasons why everyone loved (and always will love) her.


Aaliyah blessed the music and movie world just with her presence. She accomplished so much and inspired so many people. Her music and movies will live on as she wants them to, through the many fans that will find joy and comfort through her lyrics and works.

We will always love you!

Chelsea (

We have lost a truly amazing person. Aaliyah was a talented, beautiful singer and actress. We may have lost this wonderful person, but heaven has gained an Angel.

Lynsay Shand

Thank you again for all of your thoughts, prayers and condolences at this very sad time.

- Al Gomes

Plane Crash Kills Singer Aaliyah


MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas - R&B singer and actress Aaliyah and eight others died when their small plane crashed in perfect weather after taking off in the Bahamas, the engines of the Cessna apparently failing, according to Grand Bahama police superintendent Basil Rahming.

The 22-year-old singer had gone to the Bahamas to shoot a music video according to Minister of Tourism Tommy Turnquestand, and was headed back to Florida, officials said. The pilot and all eight passengers were killed.

The twin-engine Cessna 402B went down in clear skies with little wind about 6:50 p.m. Saturday, and exploded on impact roughly 200 feet from the end of the runway at Marsh Harbour airport, about 100 miles north of Nassau. Some of the brush was still smoldering Sunday morning as investigators searched the mangled wreckage.

It was not immediately clear what caused the crash on Abaco Island. But Bahamian police Superintendent Basil Rahming said one of the Cessna's engines 'apparently failed.' The craft was bound for Opa-Locka Airport, just northwest of Miami.

Six people, including Aaliyah, died instantly. The three others later died of their injuries, he said.

Aaliyah, of Detroit, was to begin shooting the video for 'Rock The Boat' this month in Miami, according to her web site. It was not clear whether she filmed that video while in the Bahamas.

She was born Aaliyah Haughton on January 16, 1979, in Brooklyn, N.Y. She made her stage debut as an orphan in a production of 'Annie' at the age of 6. Her uncle was married to the soul singer Gladys Knight, who invited Aaliyah to perform with her during a five-night stint in Las Vegas when Aaliyah was 11.

Aaliyah struck a licensing deal as a teen-ager after her uncle, Barry Hankerson, formed Blackground Records.

She went gold with her debut album, 'Age Ain't Nothing But Number,' in 1994 when she was 15, and benefitted from working closely with hip-hop producer R. Kelly.

Her song 'Try Again' earned her a Grammy nomination this year for best female R&B vocalist. Her second album, released in 1996 when she was just 17, and the single 'If Your Girl Only Knew' went double platinum.

Aaliyah made her feature acting debut with martial artist Jet Li in last year's film 'Romeo Must Die,' and also was signed on to play the title role in the film adaptation of the Anne Rice novel 'Queen of the Damned' and was cast in appear in the sequel to the high-tech thriller 'The Matrix,' both due in 2002.

In July, Aaliyah released her self-titled third album, which found her moving away from club beats toward more introspective, midtempo numbers. The album features the single 'We Need a Resolution,' one of three songs she recorded with producer and frequent collaborator Timbaland.

'She was like one of my daughters, she was one of the sweetest girls in the world,' said Grammy-winning producer, arranger and composer Quincy Jones. 'She vacationed with me and my family together in Fiji. I loved her and respected her and I am absolutely devastated.'

Rahming said the other passengers killed were Scott Gallin, 41; Keith Wallace, 49, of Los Angeles; Douglas Kratz, 28, a representative for Virgin Records, and Aaliyah makeup artist Eric Foreman, 29, both of Hollywood, Calif.; Gina Smith, 29, of New Jersey; and Christopher Maldonado, 32, of New York.

Anthony Dodd, 34, of Los Angeles, died at a Nassau hospital early Sunday morning. The plane's pilot, identified only as L. Marael, also was killed.

Abaco Island Chief Councilor Silbert Mills said he happened to be at the airport as the plane took off and then crashed. He said he helped rescue the injured.

'We find it devastating and most unfortunate that after having this world-famous star Aaliyah and her crew select the Bahamas as their choice location for her latest video, the project has climaxed on such a tragic note,' Turnquest told the news service.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and the Civil Aviation Department of the Bahamas will jointly investigate the crash, Rahming said.

- Tim Aylen for Associated Press
and Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen for MTV

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