October 2 , 2000

Christina Aguilera - 'Genie Gets Her Wish'
Video and DVD


Christina has prepared a special video and DVD gift for her fans!

Titled "Christina Aguilera: Genie Gets Her Wish," the 70-minute home video features her clips for "Genie In A Bottle" and "What A Girl Wants," as well as her rendition of Mel Torme's Yuletide classic, "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)."

The video and DVD also include interviews with Christina from backstage, in the studio, and on the road.

"It will be interesting to see all the kinds of sides of me," Christina told the MTV Radio Network about the home video. "'Cause you do get to see me onstage, you know, 'Christina Aguilera onstage.'"

"But then, what happens whenever the cameras (are) off?" she continued. "She goes home, takes off her makeup, and gets ready for bed? You know, (what happens) after all these fans are done (with the show) and after she's done meeting them and signing autographs? What's she like?"

"I'm a really different person aside from I seem to be publicly," she concluded. "I'm very, very introverted."

Christina's "Genie Gets Her Wish" home video is now available everywhere!

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- RCA Records

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