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News Archive | May 1, 2001

Christina at Grammys 01Irish America

Christina makes 2001 list of Irish America Magazine's
'Top 100 Irish In America'

There are girls who scream at the sight of a mouse, and then there are girls who count the little rodents among their best friends.

Christina Aguilera might not be mad about mice in general, but she must be feeling more than a little kindly disposed towards one particular mouse - the guy they call Mickey.

After all, it was on the New Mickey Mouse Club television show that Christina, then only 12, got her first big break.

Now the former Mouseketeer is up there with the best of them, singing her heart out alongside such teen faves as Britney Spears and 'N Sync.

In June of 1999, her self-titled debut album was released, selling millions of copies worldwide and garnering her a Grammy Award in 2000 as the Best New Artist.

She followed that up with a Spanish-language album titled 'Mi Reflejo' and 'My Kind of Christmas,' a collection of holiday favorites.

Yes, teen pop stars are a dime a dozen these days, but Christina has already marked herself out among the critics.

'Aguilera has always boasted the most powerful and distinctive voice of the current adolescent wave. She's the one current teen star who seems built to last,' raved the New York Daily News.

The Boston Globe reckons she was born to the stage, while the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote, 'She has the best voice of the bunch - big, rich, soulful.'

Of Ecuadoran and Irish descent, Christina traces her Irish heritage back through her mother, Shelly Kearns.

-- Irish America Magazine

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'She's the one current teen star who seems built to last,' raved the New York Daily News.

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