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September 15, 2002

Christina's Personal Stylist Steve Sollitto:
Inside Beauty with Christina 2

Steve and Christina

Hey Everyone,
I'm back to answer more questions about hair, makeup and Christina. Your last bunch of questions were good. I showed Christina these new questions so she could be involved, and so she could see what you were interested in knowing. We talked about some of the answers together. Don't ever be afraid to ask. If I can answer them, I will. Here are the answers to your new questions:

Steve, did you do Christina's hair and makeup at the 2001 RMAs and 2002 Grammys? And if so, what kind of look were you and Christina going for and what types of products did you use to achieve that look?

I colored Christina's platinum blond hair for the 2002 Grammys the night before. Then Peter Savic did her hair Grammy night and Joanne Gare did her makeup. They both did her hair and makeup for the 'Moulin Rouge' video and are incredibly talented. Christina wanted to have a more sophisticated look for the Grammys and so they modeled the look after Marilyn Monroe.

In your time working with Christina, what sort of looks have you found that Christina prefers the most?

What kind of looks does Christina prefer? Well, she definitely prefers curly hair to her own straight hair. She loves her hair like in the 'What's Going On' video. I curled it with Sebastian Shaper hairspray and a curling iron, and that's it. I spray each section with hairspray first and then curl it. It takes about 35 minutes to do.

Almost every fan knows Christina is a fan of MAC products, but does she favor any other line?

Christina does love MAC products, but she is also a big fan of NARS by Francois Nars. It's carried at high retail stores like Neiman Marcus and Barney's. NARS is in a black package with white letters and has my favorite lipstick of all time - Viva Las Vegas.

What does Christina look for in certain cosmetics such as foundation, mascara, eye shadow, etc.?

In foundation Christina looks for coverage and an accurate color match. She uses MAC liquid foundation. In mascara she likes black and thick and has a huge stack of Max Factor 2000 calorie No.3 in her cosmetics drawer. As far as eyeshadows go, colorful, playful, daring colors are what she chooses. She has some beautiful blues and purples. If the colors look intimidating to you try using them in small doses not all over the whole lid, but maybe just at the outer lash line. And if a color is just not for you, don't buy it.

Do you know if Christina wears products from her own cosmetic line Fetish?

Christina's not affiliated with Fetish makeup anymore. At the time we both were involved in picking out each color for each product in the Fetish line and it was fun working on it.

How did you get involved with working with Christina?

I got involved working with Christina when I was hired to be her hair and makeup artist on her first tour. I had a phone interview with Christina's manager. Then I met with Christina. Then I was hired to do her hair and makeup for a performance here in LA at the Hollywood Bowl so they both could see if I could handle the pressure of doing hair and makeup efficiently. Christina liked what I did, especially under pressure, and I was hired two days later. I loved touring. We had so much fun. Since then, we've become great friends.

In your first interview, you said you were part of a team of makeup artists and hair stylists that work with Christina for award shows, publicity events, and videos. Can you tell us who else works with her?

There is a team of makeup artists and hair stylists who work with Christina, because we are not available to work all the time. We can already be booked on another job when she needs us. Plus each of us has a different style and are appropriate for different things. The makeup artists who work with Christina are Joanne Gare, Billy B, and me. Hair Stylists who work with Christina are Peter Savic, Serena Radelli, and me. I'm the only one who does both hair and makeup.

When on tour, you have to deal with spotlights, summer heat, and sweat, and sometimes the outdoor elements. Do you use any kind of special makeup that is especially made to withstand such things?

On tour I used a Shu Eumura cream foundation and blotted with a MAC pressed powder -C4. I used Elizabeth Arden black eyeliner pencil and all the MAC glitters. The glitters were beautiful. Luckily Christina hardly sweats, but in severe heat I would just blot her in between songs, but only with a tissue. I hardly ever added more makeup, mostly because we just didn't have time in-between. I also had to brush her hair, maybe add more lips and she still needed to change. For all of you dealing with the elements, bring a small makeup bag with you with just your essentials. On your face try to just blot with a tissue first or freshly washed hands before actually adding more makeup. Every face is different. Some of you will need to freshen up more than others. On every shoot, I do I check the makeup every chance I can. No one's makeup stays perfectly on the face all day.

I hope that answers some of your questions. Looking forward to answering more next time.

Be well,

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Steve and Christina

Steve: 'I showed Christina these new questions so she could be involved, and so she could see what you were interested in knowing. We talked about some of the answers together.'

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