Cliff Maggard
Cliff Maggard
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Cliff Maggard

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My name is Cliff Maggard and I was born and raised in a small two-stoplight town in Hyden, Kentucky. I stayed with some friends one night when I was 15 and one of them had a guitar with him and taught me some chords and a few scales. A few weeks later, my grandfather took me to a pawn shop and bought me an Alvarez guitar. The internet was relatively new and with my 14.4 dial up connection, I scoured the web for any tabs and or chord books that were available at the time. I credit all my guitar playing to grandpa, Metallica and Nirvana.

That was the music I loved at the time and with Nirvana's songs being easy and Metallica's being difficult, I became a pretty good guitar player in just over a year. From there I had a few bands - all of them being of the Heavy Metal genre. This was on and off for about 10 years or so and I had almost stopped playing guitar entirely when I heard an old Willie Nelson-Merle Haggard song 'Pancho and Lefty' and thought to myself that I liked that pretty well. I had never liked any country music before so I give it chance and started listening to some of the older stuff (Merle, Hank Jr, Charlie Daniels) and fell in love with it.

A friend told me about Chris Knight and Jamey Johnson and after hearing them guys and realizing that all the stuff on the radio was not really country music, I sat down and wrote three or four songs in a day. Next thing I know, I am back to playing guitar a few hours every night and I feel I have a pretty good ability to write this hybrid of country and rock songs.

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