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Daniel Gray
Regis Bell
Daniel Gray
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Daniel Gray

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In Daniel's Words: I have been making music for as long as I can remember. But that's because I am music...and so are you. I feel that just being a homo sapien - alive on this planet - makes one a musician. Our hearts beating, our brains vibrating at a certain frequency. Perhaps this is what inspires me, the fact that it is so natural, so intrinsic. Other artists inspire me. I grew up listening to The Beatles on my dad's vinyl collection. Me and my brother would dance around the living room as those chords and melodies became firmly programmed into our minds. It's hard to say what really inspires me. I have wanted to be an artist ever since I was a child. We are born with some things I guess. Nature inspires me. Its scale (huge). Its Wildness. Its recklessness and abandon. I'd like to think of Nature as a religion, something that all of us belong to, like a Mother with her children. This is what I am trying to say with my music: That gigantic Wildness.

The Native Peoples of North America said that each animal has a 'Medicine.' I have for a long time been interested in studying Nature, especially wild animals and how they live. The Native Americans even had a 'Spirit Animal,' an animal that they felt a special affinity to or had a mystical experience with. They would even include that animal in their name. This is what I would like to portray in my music, that Spirit or Medicine of an animal, of Wildness, of Nature. They say that by 'tracking' or studying an animal, one gains that animal's Medicine or wisdom. By making music that is built around wild animals, I aim for the listener and for myself, to gain that Medicine as it is portrayed through the medium of Sound.

I'd also like to say with my music that connecting with Nature helps us. Perhaps it's like finding your biological parents if you were adopted. Along with all the amazing things that are happening on the planet today are also some really horrible things. I feel connecting with Nature and nourishing that relationship is one piece of the puzzle in healing ourselves. We see a Vision of the future in which humans are living in Peace and Harmony. Living in a world of Beauty and Purpose. I see living in a Sacred connection with Nature as part of that, and I hope that through the music i make that Vision can be nourished.

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