David Sardinha
David Sardinha
David Sardinha
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David Sardinha

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For David Sardinha, sliding across the linolium floor in feet pajamas at three years old to lie his ear against the radio to better listen to the strains of 'Splish Splash,' it was obvious that music was important to this boy. By the time he saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time, he was hooked. Somehow, music was going to play an important role in this young man's life. His entire family sang all the time, and his Grandfather played the Portunguese Viola 12-string guitar - there was always music around and he wanted to be part of it.

He started playing the guitar for real at 14. Gone were the cardboard versions of Beatle guitars to mimic his idols. Largely self-taught, he began writing songs at around 17, figuring it was easier to learn how to play by writing your own stuff instead of learning everyone else's music. He came up with such unmemorable ditties like 'Orange Mountain Soda!' A couple of short-lived bands, and playing and singing in musical theatre productions as well kept the musical part alive during high school years. After high school came the first recording session at a professioanal studio. Actually, it was in a basement using the Fedco Recording Truck, but it was pro and it was a real recording session!

A Tascam 4-track reel-to-reel tape recorder was finally obtained, and he was off and running, learning how to multi-track and overdub and perform several voices and instruments. He then learned the real art of recording and engineering at Normandy Sound in Warren, RI where he worked as an apprentice engineer for couple of years before going out on the road with the Beaver Brown Band as their live sound technician. That's where he met and worked with Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seegar, and others. He and his family moved to California in the early 1980s and several iterations of bands came and went, all playing David's originals. One of the highlights was hearing one of David's songs, 'The Laughing Jomaicans,' on the popular Dr. Demento radio show.

After building an 8-track studio in his home, David got off the road and concentrated on writing and recording. The choice was made to put the needs of family above all else and, other than continuing to write and record occasionally, music took a back seat for awhile. Flash forward to the mid-2000s, and with children grown and gone and having children of their own, David was coaxed back out to the stage to perform primarily at open mics in the area. The writing floodgates opened up again and David has been busy writing and recording in his own state of the art digital recording facility, as well as playing at venues around the area both as a solo act and as part of the David Sardinha Band which includes old friends and excellent jazz musicians from his area.

He released his first solo album in 2013 called 'AFT' which includes songs from the last 40 years of composing, three of which have placed in the top twenty of an international songwriting competition. He is now hard at work with the band on an all-new CD. Stay tuned!

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