Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins
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Henry Rollins

Legendary recording artist, songwriter, actor and author Henry Rollins appeared on Al Gomes and A. Michelle of Big Noise's CD compilation 'A Bunch of Songs' contributing a spoken word piece in support of college radio and TV stations.

Listen to the track speaker

Al Gomes and A. Michelle produced the compilation for the National Association of College Broadcasters. The CD also featured R.E.M., Primus, Blind Melon, Anthrax, Cowboy Junkies, Cracker, Eve's Plum, Luscious Jackson, and Mazzy Star. The CD received Print Magazine's annual 'CD Design Award.'

Big Noise has also contibuted Henry's track to the Thanks to Hank Project, which celebrates his 50th birthday. Angela Bennett is spearheading the project: 'If Henry Rollins has moved you, inspired you to reach higher, helped you in some way, or just makes your life better by way of knowing he is out there, living art and inspiration, and you are willing to share your story, please send it this way. Henry has made such a profound contribution to the lives of many thousands, perhaps even millions of people around the world. He is an inspiration to so many people regardless of age, race, or socioeconomic class. This is an opportunity for fanatics to share their stories with, and thank Henry. During the very first announcement of the project, fans and media were responding from across the world - from 15-year olds to 50-year olds, from the U.S. to Australia. It's one thing to be a fan of a band, or an actor, but often it's about more than that when it comes to Henry. Henry moves people, he is a catalyst in people's lives.' All proceeds from the project will go to the charity of Henry's choice. You can still contribute to the Thanks to Hank Project at open.salon.com/blog/angelalala.

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