Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
Little Anthony and The Imperials Music Catalog
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Little Anthony and The Imperials

Because of Al Gomes and
A. Michelle of Big Noise's efforts
in coordinating Little Anthony and The Imperials' live appearance and induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame, it lead to the group being invited by band leader Paul Shaffer to appear on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' in August 2008.

Little Anthony and The Imperials'
introduction for their
Long Island Music Hall of Fame Induction
written by Big Noise's Al Gomes

"You don't remember me, but I remember you. 'Twas not so long ago, you broke my heart in two. Tears on my pillow, pain in my heart, caused by you."

A sweet opening lyric, introducing one of Doo-Wop's all-time classic ballads, 'Tears On My Pillow' by Little Anthony and The Imperials. To quote WINS DJ Alan Freed, "Wherever a jukebox was played, this song was sung and hummed by millions."

Little Anthony and the Imperials - Anthony Gourdine, Clarence Collins, Ernest Wright, Tracy Lord and Glouster Rogers never dreamed they would eventually become internationally famous when they first got together in Brooklyn, New York while still in their pre-teens.

After high school, Anthony Gourdine, originally with The Duponts, left to join The Chesters, a group founded by Clarence Collins who were looking for a lead voice. In early 1958, Richard Barrett and Lou Gally, A&R and PR men for End Records, spotted the group, signed them to a contract, and re-named them "The Imperials."

Their first record for End Records was a double-sided ballad smash. The "A" side, "Tears On My Pillow", instantly launched their career into musical history. This would be one of their biggest-selling hits, and has been one of the most enduring love ballads ever. The flip-side, "Two People In The World" made the single one of the most popular double-sided records in vocal group history.

Once again, DJ Alan Freed enters the scene, announcing "...and here's a new record that is making a lot of noise - LITTLE ANTHONY and The Imperials...singing 'Tears On My Pillow'...". The nickname LITTLE ANTHONY stuck, and the new group name was official. The added LITTLE ANTHONY was carved forever in Doo-Wop stone.

'Tears On My Pillow' eventually sold more than 4 million copies. In late 1959, the group released 'Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko Bop,' their third hit, again selling more than one million copies.

In 1963, singer Sammy Strain replaced departing members Tracy Lord and Glouster Rogers. At that time, their manager introduced them to Teddy Randazzo, a producer/composer and long-time admirer, who loved the Imperials' sound and had the perfect song for them. The result was the smash hit 'I'm On the Outside Looking In,' their biggest hit since 'Tears On My Pillow.'

The group then signed a new recording contract with DCP Records (Don Costa Productions).

Little Anthony and The Imperials are one of the few groups that successfully maintained a powerful importance through the '60s Motown sound and British invasion. They enjoyed a great resurgence with more ballads under the tutelage of Randazzo. Two of those chart breakers, 'Goin' Out of My Head' along with 'Take Me Back' solidified the group's superstar status.

History tells it all. 17 pop and R&B hits. 'Tears On My Pillow.' 'Two People In the World.' 'Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko Bop.' 'I'm On The Outside (Looking In).' 'Goin' Out Of My Head.' 'Hurts So Bad.' 'Take Me Back.' They have an unmistakable sound that make them a cut above the rest.

They appeared on TV's Hit Parade, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Dick Clark shows, and performed in every leading nightclub, and at sold-out concert halls throughout the US.

After taking time off as a group to work on solo projects, Little Anthony and The Imperials began to take concert stages by storm once again in 1992. The magic returned instantly and audiences to this day are continuing to show their approval with thunderous and rousing applause, which remains the standard for each of the Imperials' performances. The successful reunion has already brought the group to sold-out appearances at performance venues throughout the U.S., including Madison Square Garden in New York and the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

The group was recently honored as recipients of the Rhythm & Blues Foundation's Pioneer Award, and inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame Museum in Sharon, PA, recognizing their artistry and lifelong contributions to Rhythm and Blues music.

And Little Anthony and The Imperials are about to gain a whole new generation of fans with the anticipated release of their amazing techno dance remix of 'Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko Bop.'

Sounding better than ever, with amazing style, great dance moves, chart-topping classic hits, and a show that is unparalleled, Little Anthony and The Imperials continue to bring their music to the world.

It is my pleasure and distinct honor to induct Little Anthony and The Imperials into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

Little Anthony and the Imperials
Acceptance Speech for their Induction
into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame
written by Big Noise's Al Gomes

This is a great occasion.

On behalf of ourselves, we want to thank everyone.

To all our fans, who have been with us all the way, who have been so wonderful to us, and loving our work and loving our songs - we have sung all our songs so deeply from our hearts for you.

To our friends and our family, for their love and patience.

To our great managers, producers, and composers - we would not be here without your inspired and hard work.

And we want to say a thank you to all of you here tonight for this wonderful evening.

To be in the same breath of as all the other honorees tonight is truly an honor to be part of a group of legendary and talented artists.

It's been an incredible and magical journey and we wouldn't change a thing. And the journey continues with new generations of fans.

Rock 'n' roll keeps us young in spirit and our passion for music is the same as it was when we were teens in Brooklyn, New York.

We are deeply honored to be inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

Thank you all for sharing this honor with us. Thank you very much and God bless.

Original Letter from the
Long Island Music Hall of Fame

Date: September 18, 2006

To: Al Gomes

From: James Faith
Director, Long Island Music Hall of Fame
Producer, LIMHOF 2006 Induction Awards and Gala

Re: Long Island Music Hall of Fame Awards 2006
Little Anthony & The Imperials attendance & Induction.


We at the Long Island Music Hall of Fame want to express how honored we are that Little Anthony & The Imperials will be attending the Long Island Music Hall of Fame Induction Awards Gala. Congratulations on your induction, and thank you for your significant contribution to Long Island's rich music heritage.

In 2006, there will be a total of twenty nine Long Island artists and music related inductees. The inductees have been selected from all areas and genres of music: John Coltrane, Vanilla Fudge, Billy Joel, George Gershwin, Joan Jett, George M. Cohan, Tony Bennett, Cyndie Lauper etc. As an inductee, your achievements will become a permanent exhibit in the museum for music lovers not only from Long Island, but from all over the world, to view and celebrate.

We at the Long Island Music Hall of Fame truly thank you for all of your help regarding this event and look forward to a great evening.

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame was created in order to recognize the importance of showcasing and preserving our (Long Island) musical heritage for this, and future generations. The organization is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation under the New York State Board of Regents and holds a provisional charter to operate as a museum and educational institution in the state of New York.

6:30 - 9:00PM (Approx.): AWARDS CEREMONY (THEATRE)
Twenty eight artists and music related factions will be inducted.
Each inductee will be accepting their award from a different presenter. Please advise if you would rather have a friend, family member or peer of your choice present your award. If not, we would be honored to provide a presenter for you.
Each inductee's award presentation will average approximately 3-5 minutes. This does not take into consideration longer presentations (performances etc.) or shorter (family member accepting for a deceased inductee).
Important: To ensure that your presentation is one that pays highest compliment to your contribution and life, we would appreciate any help that you may be able to give regarding preferred bio, text, pictures, video etc. and any special information or anecdotes to make the presentation a proud and entertaining one.

Note: Performances during the Awards Ceremony:
We will be scheduling 2-3 short performances during the awards segment of the evening.
Please advise if you would like to perform. That said, it would be a treat for the event and the attendees alike if you were to honor us with a performance, though I want to be perfectly clear that you are not there for that reason - you are there to be honored and shown our gratitude for all of the music that you have given us, and for your many contributions to Long Island's music history.
Note: We are contracting some of the finest musicians on Long Island to act as our "House Band." These musicians are excellent readers; as well they can rock & funk. They will be able to back up any of our performers if need be, as well as provide live entrance and exit music for the inductees.

PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me.
Office: 631-331-0808
E-Mail: [email protected]

All the best,
Jim Faith

Director - LIMHOF
Producer - LIMHOF 2006 Induction Awards & Gala Celebration

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