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Jada [jay'da] , [spanish, ijada, stone of healing; in earlier times it was thought that jade could ease pains and ills.]

Recently signed to Motown, these young divas from Boston, MA are the real deal with their powerhouse vocals, soulful & sophisticated harmonies, gospel-infused ballads and infectious grooves - exploding in a bold and funky mix of pop/R&B.

Jada has shared the magic of their live act with JoJo, Aaron Carter, Stacie Orrico, B2K, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, and Cassidy, to name a few.

Gifted vocalists, dancers and performers, Elle Wine, April Forrest, Lauren O'Keefe, and Jacyn Tremblay each have enough personal charisma to wow an audience on their own. As a group, they form a bold new musical force, and the result is the vocal and visual knockout that is Jada. If you like Destiny's Child, Christina Aguilera, and En Vogue, you will love the fresh sound of Jada.

More on their debut CD:

Four extraordinary singers united by a common goal, Jada is the latest iteration of the classic female vocal group. Since coming together six years ago, all four members have devoted themselves heart and soul to Jada. Their self-titled debut marks the culmination of a remarkable journey in which these talented individuals came together to create a beautifully cohesive whole. From the album-opening ballad 'Is It Love' to the sassy RedOne/Akon-produced first single, 'American Cowboy,' Jada is a bright and brazen mix of pop, soul, dance, and R&B, spiced by Jada's characteristic gospel-inspired harmonies. The powerhouse sound is not dissimilar from the girls themselves - soulful and sophisticated, sexy and strong, heartfelt and honest, flirty and fun.

The four members of Jada came together while studying at Boston's Bristol Recording and Voice Studios. Each singer has brought her individual perspective and style to the table - Jacyn's tastes run from pop to rock and from Pink to Paramore; April takes inspiration from hip-hop's urban sound and fashion, blasting T.I. and Timbaland every day of the week; Lauren's musical influences stem from her growing up in suburban Philadelphia, home to neo-soul legends like Jill Scott and Musiq Soulchild; Elle professes an eclectic appetite for music ranging from Rascal Flatts and John Legend to Lady Gaga.

Having all grown up inspired by such classic Motown superstars as the Supremes and the Temptations, Jada was justifiably thrilled when they signed with Universal Motown Records. In January 2007, Jada teamed up in a New York studio with Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter Toby Gad (Fergie, Beyonce, Natasha Bedingfield). The sessions proved a creative turning point for Jada, as they joined forces with Gad to co-write the powerhouse ballad, 'Is It Love.' With its complex harmonies and distinctive verses, 'Is It Love' gave Jada a cornerstone track from which to build their album upon.

Jada traveled to studios all over the country, from NYC and Atlanta to Miami and Los Angeles, collaborating with such superstars as Danja, Wyclef Jean, and J.R. Rotem. Sessions with Jordan Omley from production/songwriting team 'The Jam' (Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks) were among the girls' favorites, yielding 'The Problem With Love,' 'If You Wanna Go,' and the inspirational 'Hold On.' An alliance with UK team Wayne Wilkins, Andrew Frampton, and Savan Kotecha (Natasha Bedingfield, Carrie Underwood, Delta Goodrem), resulted in the mid tempo 'Break Up Song' and energetic club track 'Play a Playa,' while NYC hitmakers Sturken & Rodgers (Christina Aguilera, Rihanna) contributed the poignant ballad, 'Shattered.' For the album-closing 'Can't Let Go,' Jada found a collaborator close to home in Ric Poulin, who produced the group-penned track.

As recording continued, Jada was awarded as 'Outstanding Pop/R&B Music Act' at 2008's Boston Music Awards. The year culminated with a December session alongside producer RedOne (Lady Gaga, Brandy) at Jada's homebase, Bristol Studios. The sessions yielded 'Model That' and the group's boisterous debut single, 'American Cowboy' (co-written/produced by Akon), two tracks which provided the final bit of magic. The girls felt immediately that the songs were special, especially 'American Cowboy,' which they knew would serve as the perfect introduction to Jada's distinctive sonic vision.

With the album wrapped, the girls barely paused to catch their breath before embarking on a major national promotional tour, presenting 'American Cowboy' at multi-format radio stations from coast to coast. The hectic schedule and nearly non-stop workload has proven to be a boon for Jada. The group maintains direct communication with their ever-increasing number of fans - a.k.a. the Jada Ninjas - by taking a hands-on approach to online relationships via MySpace, Facebook, and an ever-growing mailing list.

With boundless talent and irrepressible energy, Jada remain focused like a laser beam on their singular goal. The tightly knit harmonies aren't just something the four singers break out when the mics are turned on - united by fate, the girls of Jada have formed a bond that's closer to a family than a pop group.

That pugnacious spirit informs everything Jada does - from their dynamic stage show to the album's captivating creativity. The girls are working long and hard to reach the mountaintop and their innate sense of diligence and professionalism is certain to keep them pushing ever forward. Having already ascended this far, for Jada, the sky is now the limit.

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