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The Recording Academy
placed Jayo
on the Official Ballot for the
59th Annual Grammy Awards
in the following category:

Best Rap Performance
Jayo - 'Can You See Me'
Jayo - 'Know I'm Ready'

In Jayo's Words: I write music in order to show the audience the most real and raw emotions in life. Through my lyrics, I show real life experiences that I have been through or that I have seen others go through. I talk about real life in my songs and deal with sensitive material that others may be too scared to talk about. But I do it to show that life is full of different people who go through many unique experiences that are special enough to share, telling of the struggle that it takes for anyone to be what they want to become to fulfill their lives. In order to write my music, I had to have discipline and focus.

I got here by working jobs in order to support my music because I had to do it on my own. I was a telemarketer in order to pay for recording and production on my songs. This encouraged me not to waste my talent or money on foolish things that would only make me happy for a small amount of time and not fulfill me as a person or as an artist. I would write songs in my spare time constantly and I would work the rest of my time. I had to have a job in order to reach my goal and I would share my real life with people through my songs examining the commitment that is needed in order to see reach the accomplishments that each one of us have always wanted.

I started making music in the basement of friends' houses. I would go over and just write as much as I could, and make as many songs as I could by just having fun. I would love to write and record songs everyday. I would make songs anywhere I could - in the closets of friends and side rooms that were filled with old furniture and old house supplies. I loved music too much to stop and I didn't care where I was.

As I got older, I then started paying for studio time and expanding the productions on my songs and I would record in recording studios in New York City. I'm from the city, so recording there helped me as an artist very much and taught me to look around and write about the experiences that I see in everyday life. New York is real and as an artist, I give the most realistic details and emotions that life portrayed in music can bring. I tend to be a witer for those who struggle on their own and who have no one to help them and that's how I made my way into music.

I can put myself into their shoes and understand the hard work it takes to finally achieve your goal. My musical influiences have always been artists who say what is real and use their actions to show that. Artists such as Eminem and Lil' Wayne show real life is like and never sugarcoat what has happened to them in their own lives. Icons such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent show through their music that they are never scared and will talk about whatever life throws at them, and overcome it in order to reach success and happiness. These artists influenced me not only because they are Hip Hop heavyweights, but because they are men who will give you music that shows what life has dealt to people all over the world. Their music is timeless and relates to people.

My main aim was to perfect my craft through recording many songs and reach and touch people all over the world with the many human emotions and experiences that we all go through. My music connects people to my songs and lets them hear the real world through my songs. I don't make up anything in my songs and only use learned information. I say only facts and if someone has been through a certain experience, yet because they are too young or never lived in that environment, my music helps them understand someone who has. It connects them to find a common ground until they finally do have that emotion or go through that experience. My music is all about the connection of different people and helping them feel the basic emotions that all people go through in their lives.

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