Jenn Cuneta Music Catalog
Jenn Cuneta Music Catalog
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Jenn Cuneta

Big Noise serves as Publicists and Directors of Online Entertainment for Jenn Cuneta. Big Noise also oversees
Jenn's popular Official Website

Big Noise is also representing Jenn's catalog of recordings and songs for placement and licensing in film, TV, and advertising. Music supervisors can contact Big Noise about Jenn's catalog at 401-274-4770 (USA) or by emailing al@bignoisenow.com.

Because of Big Noise's efforts, Jenn Cuneta's hit single 'Come Rain Come Shine' was placed on the Official Ballot for the 2006 Grammy Awards by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in the following categories:

Record of the Year
Jenn Cuneta - 'Come Rain Come Shine'
Best New Artist
Jenn Cuneta
Best Dance Recording
Jenn Cuneta - 'Come Rain Come Shine'

Sir Paul McCartney (co-author of 'Come Rain Come Shine' with Andy & The Lamboy) made the Grammy announcement on his own Official Website

Also because of Big Noise's campaign efforts, Jenn Cuneta won The XM Nation Radio Award for 'Dance Artist of the Year'

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CD purchase, bio, press and more

Listen to 'Come Rain, Come Shine' speaker

Other highlights:
- Jenn's single, "Come Rain Come Shine" put her at the #8 position on Billboard Magazine's Annual Issue for the Top Ten Most Played Artist of 2005 and The Top Ten Most Played Dance Song of 2005
- Nominated for Best New Artist at MTV Asia Video Music Awards for her hit song, 'Chip On My Shoulder'

Jenn Cuneta moved to U.S. from the Philippines at a very young age, and has been performing professionally ever since. Her voice is ready-made for pop music and the buoyant single 'Come Rain Come Shine' (in which Sir Paul McCartney shares a songwriting credit) is the perfect vehicle for Cuneta - a bubbly, sunny Top 40 dance single. With her veteran producers, Andy & The Lamboy, Cuneta has crafted a classic disco sound on a string of hit singles in the clubs and on the radio including 'Spirit of Man' on Jellybean Records (that also appeared on the 'Get Carter' soundtrack), and 'Now We Are Free' on Tommy Boy Records.

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