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Kid Seven
Kid Seven
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Kid Seven

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Some of you might get on this page expecting a normal biography. But Kid Seven is extremely far from normal. Rap Sensation Kid Seven was born as Kristopher Heckman in November 1983 in Syracuse, New York. From a young age, he began listening to Hip Hop artists such as Big L, Tupac, and DMX. Kris still has an abundance of respect for all genres in music. However, he admits hip hop has always been his major influence. This new age of Hip Hop he brings to the table ranges from the influences of Guns N' Roses to rap legend Nas. His flashy abstract style of hip hop has impacted numerous upcoming artists. Kid Seven has a brilliant style of rugged underground muscle to an edgy mainstream touch.

Kris was raised in a poor town outside of Syracuse, New York. He was never into the typical sports most kids are into, although his parents pushed for him to play baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. He was more into extreme activities such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and wake boarding. He got into music at a young age playing the drums for the school band. It didnít take long for the love of a beat to spark his interest in Hip Hop.

'I don't know what it is about a beat but when I hear it, my mind tunes out the rest of the world and I want to write.' - Kid Seven

After high school, Kris went to Cayuga Community College in Auburn, NY to focus his love for music by getting his Audio Engineering degree. He never wanted anything else but a career in the music industry. By this time he had already put out two albums and started working on his third while in college.

'I don't know if I took notes in class or wrote raps, but I did maintain a decent GPA.' - Kid Seven

In May 2005, he graduated from Cayuga Community College and went straight to the music capital of the world - Nashville, TN. He attended Middle Tennessee State University for audio engineering and within four months he was signed by Baldwin Entertainment. Although the label's main focus was on Taylor Hicks (the winner of American Idol) he learned a lot about Kid Seven development, songwriting development, and Kid Seven's image.

'Nashville taught me a lot, even though it wasn't my time I proved to myself that I was on my way.' - Kid Seven

He is focused on his career now more than ever. He released a new album in 2013 and his representation is taking his career to new heights. Between music videos, photo shoots and interviews with magazines and radio hosts, Kid Seven is now known all over the United States, Europe, Trinidad, China and Japan.

'Life's like a song, so take it for what it is and play it out till the end.' - Kid Seven

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