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Markos Tegui
Markos Tegui
Markos Tegui
Markos Tegui
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Markos Tegui

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Give a creative, but accurate one-sentence description of your music: A diverse sound of hip hop music, expressing the various technics of writing and reciting lyrics, from hardcore rap to fun loving or meaningful songs.

Finish the sentence: Someone will like my music if they like...multiple styles of hip hop from underground to commercial industry rap, pop and dubstep too.

Key career highlights:
• Opening up for headliners like Too Short, Funk Dubious, and Dialated Peoples
• Hundreds of house party freestyles and hosting appearances
• Taking 3rd place at a Rap Battle when I was 14 years old
• Organizing hip hop events throughout San Diego, uniting the local scene
• Joining a rap group Circl Empire at 13 years old - notorious for freestyle rap
• At 18, buying a mic and digital recorder and began engineering myself and friends
• My first performance, breakdancing in a 3rd grade talent show
• Recently assisting and ghost-writing for a female pop and R&B artist
• Releasing my 1st CD '1 Mic and 2 Speakers' in 2006
• Featured on many CDs, mixtapes and compilations that are currently released
• Asked to feature on the mixtape 'Rotations Volume #1'
• Markos Tegui and Godson produced a Remix version of '99 Bottles of Beer' along with 'Sweat' for the group Anything but Monday (featuring Markos), giving the ABM girls an upper hand on the charts! Both tracks made it to #1 in less than a week after they each were placed in worldwide Record Pools. Read more...
• My CD 'Time Traveler' was placed on the Official Ballot by The Recording Academy in several categories in 2013

How and when you started making music: Got into break dancing at 7 years old. Hip Hop became my cultural activity. Began dreaming of being on stage singing at a huge Colosseum. Beat boxing at 10 for rap cyphers, then finally getting the courage to rap freestyle at 11 years old. From there, I began doing hip hop and rap everyday from freestyling to songwriting, recording and engineering, to producing beats. At 18, change alias from Shinobi to Decimal, buying a mic and digital recorder and began engineering myself and friends.

What makes your music different? I base most of my songs on real-life experiences. I sing various rap techniques with multiple voices. I have no particular sound, I could rap dirty south, east coast, west coast gangster, techno, electro,pop and conscience hip hop, you name it.

Convince me to see your next show: It's a wild, crazy and fun hip hop event. I put on a very dynamic performance with an outgoing and enthusiastic personality. A spontaneously, intense and memorable experience.

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you have to offer them as an artist? Because music is an outlet and a way out from certain mishaps in life. I feel like I could touch the crowd and steer some sort of guidance upon people. I also want people to socialize and have fun, and music can help that become reality. The feeling of such support from fans is a sensation next to the feeling of bliss. May success be attainable. I'm currently working with many artists like Fransing to bring more musical joy to the world!

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