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Nicki Kris
Nicki Kris
Nicki Kris
Nicki Kris
Nicki Kris
Nicki Kris
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Nicki Kris

Congratulations to Nicki Kris! Her song 'Beautiful' was placed on Lifetime TV's most popular show 'Dance Moms.'

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More Info
'Beautiful' on Season Four of 'Dance Moms'
Episode: 'Big Trouble In the Big Apple'

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Nicki Kris Music at iTunes Buy 'Dream Big' now at iTunes

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About 'Dream Big'

The release of Nicki Kris' debut album, 'I Come Alive' is still generating quite a buzz in the music industry, including a two-song placement on the 56th Grammy Ballot for Best Pop Solo Performance ('I Come Alive' and 'Tell Me'), as well as the inclusion of her track 'Beautiful' on Lifetime TV's highest-rated show 'Dance Moms.'

Nicki really raised the bar with her sophomore effort, 'Dream Big.' From the beginning, the instrumentation, unique song arrangements, and vocal performances truly encapsulate the listener. Nicki moves with ease between the storytelling of the title track, 'Dream Big' and soulful surprises, such as 'Fall Apart.' Her distinctive vocal tone and occasional light rasp instinctively capture the emotional essence of each heartfelt performance.

Nicki was recognized for a second time by The Recording Academy for the 57th Grammy Awards for Song of the Year ('Dream Big'), Best Pop Solo Performance ('Beautiful' and 'Dream Big'), and Best Pop Album ('Dream Big").

Notes from Nicki:
Earlier this year after talking with my agent Al Gomes, it became clear that the type of music that I wanted to create and produce would have to bring together multiple genres, fit the tone of my voice, as well as give the fans something that they would want to listen too. After combing through my song library along with writing a new one or two, 'Dream Big' is the culmination of my Alternative, Retro '50s Rock, and Country musical obsessions. This is my vision of what Americana music means to me.

Keeping things simple was really hard for me, but adding a twang here and there actually came quite easy. I loved the whole concept of an acoustic influence, so I even bought a guitar that I still need to teach myself how to play.

The songs themselves are quite simple, yet engaging in my opinion. Some have a personal meaning, like the title song 'Dream Big,' while others, such as 'Does She Love You' were written because I wanted to give a voice to a different perspective. My goal with this EP was to give my fans more insight into the type of songwriter and vocalist I am. I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I did writing and recording it.

To close things out, I would like to thank Al Gomes and A. Michelle and the rest of the Big Noise team (including Connie and Juji Watrous of their Focus Group) for all of their insight, suggestions, AWESOME album art, and most of all on-going support. Tarik Ghiradella for being the coolest drummer I know! Daniel DeLorenzo for his continued patience and thoughtful suggestions. My family and friends who continue to support and push me towards following this crazy dream of mine. To the Fans, old and new: remember you are never too old to DREAM BIG.

You can stay up to date and in touch with me via my Official Website or via one of my other social media sites. Don't be shy!

'Dream Big' Credits

Nicki Kris: Vocals, keyboards, kazoo, and back-up vocals
Daniel DeLorenzo: Guitar (Tracks 1, 2, 3)
Tarik Ghiradella: Drums and percussion

All music and lyrics by Nicki Kris
Produced by Nicki Kris
Engineered and mixed by Daniel DeLorenzo
Recorded and mixed at Daniel DeLorenzo Studios, Pittsboro, NC, and Dark Pines Studios, Graham, NC
Mastered by Kevin McNoldy at Cphonic Mastering Studios
Art Direction and Design: A. Michelle and Al Gomes for Big Noise
Album Photography: Integrity Imagery

All songs Nicki Kris Music, LLC (BMI).
Recordings Nicki Kris.


Nicki Kris is a singer-songwriter from North Carolina. Influenced by all genres of music including several of today's top artists plus top female rockers of the past such as Anne and Nancy Wilson, Natalie Merchant, and Pat Benatar, Nicki delivers a powerful sound that is 100% organic. Nicki's musical compositions are filled with thoughtful lyrics, beautiful melodies, and powerful vocals that fully engage the listener from beginning to end.

Nicki began performing at a very young age and starting writing her own songs in High School. Her dream was to be a full-time musician. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances things didn't work out as planned and after graduating from college, Nicki made the toughest decision of her life - she gave up on being a recording artist. Fast forward 20 years and the now married mom of two decided it was time to pick up the dream.

For the past two and a half years, Nicki has been busy writing, composing, and recording numerous songs, some pieced together with aged old lyrics while others coming to life overnight. She released her first single in November of 2011, called 'My Christmas Wish' which garnished her quick acclaim and immediate internet rotation. Since then, the focus has been on recording and releasing her two albums, 'I Come Alive' and 'Dream Big.'

Nicki was nominated for two Artist in Music Awards for Best Adult Contemporary Artist and Composer-Songwriter of the Year. The award ceremony is held in LA.

Listen to Nicki's interview with 'On the Record - Over the Top' speaker

Download a copy of the interview here

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