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The Recording Academy
placed PWJazy

on the Official Ballot for the
56th, 57th, 58th and 59th Annual Grammy Awards
in the following categories:

Best Rock Performance
PWJazy - 'Don't Know'
PWJazy - 'Earth For Sale'
PWJazy - 'Galaxy'
PWJazy - 'We Are'
PWJazy - 'For Ever'
PWJazy - 'Wind of Emotion'
PWJazy - 'Lola'
PWJazy - 'Listen'

From the albums 'World Trip Mentality,' 'Cross Mentality,'
'To Live,' and 'PWJazy Revolution World'

PWJazy (Pronounced PWJaizy) is a musician with many talents. He is an Artist that loves music with all of his soul. Give him an instrument and watch him play. He is self taught with determination like a wild fire, that spreads beyond just one particular music genre. He learned at a young age that music was the way. He thinks of the bigger picture, knowing that music can drastically change the World as we know it.

PWJazy is strong-hearted, fearless and with love that of 'Love Thy Neighbor' and 'Love Thy Enemy.' No matter who you are, he creates his music solely for you, the World as we know it. His music carries good vibes, inspiration and musical love. Just knowing that PWJazy holds no ill towards the human spirit as one is heartening. His musical inspirations are some of the greatest, such as Jimi Hendrix, U2, The Beatles and Michael Jackson just to name a few. PWJazy has been working with Big Noise since 2013.

PWJazy's third album 'To Live,' which he believes is one of his greatest accomplishments, conveys what we the world have gone through - human emotion, love, insanity, our losses and our greatest achievements. His first Album 'World Trip Mentality' is another one of his achievements that represents his young years transversing his previous skills to his own creation. Then came 'Cross Mentality,' his second album, which showed him that he was capable of much more musically and inspired him even more to push onward.

PWJazy has spent hours upon hours creating, thinking, feeling, reacting to create an artistical creation. He works a full-time job and spends every second of his spare time into creating his music. Given more time, he is capable of greatness. That is who PWJazy is in our world. He wants to see an end to world hunger, to see world unity, to see peace. He wants to give to charities, give to the poor, to help. Just listen to his music and you will see what he is all about.

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