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Tyka Nelson
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Tyka Nelson

Big Noise is representing Tyka Nelson's catalog of recordings and songs for placement and licensing in film, TV, and advertising. Music supervisors can contact Big Noise about Tyka's catalog at 401-274-4770 (USA) or by emailing [email protected].

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Tyka Nelson is an extraordinarily anointed talent and is also the only full sister of rock legend Prince. Like her older brother, she grew up surrounded by music. The Minneapolis-based artist is the daughter of Jazz singer Mattie Shaw and accomplished musician John L. Nelson. Growing up Tyka listened to Mahalia Jackson records and began singing at the age of 2. She wrote her first song at the ripe old age of 10. Tyka plays 4 different instruments: piano, guitar, bass and clarinet but defers, 'I don't consider myself a musician. I play just well enough to put down my own musical ideas.'

Leaving her Minneapolis roots behind, Tyka moved to California to pursue her music career. There she was guided into music and ministry by a host of Apostolic Christian friends - one of which was Bethany Church's late Bishop R.W. McMurray. She studied under his direction and was soon baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. Not being one to let grass grow under her feet, Tyka moved back to Minneapolis and continued her musical ambitions.

Tyka signed her first six-figure recording contract in 1986 with the London-based Cool Tempo / Chrysalis label. 'Marc Anthony's Tune,' released in 1988, and which Tyka wrote, quickly rose to the Top 40 Urban Contemporary charts and also became a summer hit in Holland that same year.

Life for Tyka has taken many turns, but as the path twisted and bent, Tyka never forgot the good news that was sown in her heart and happily she declares, 'All of the streets I have ever walked down have led back to God.' For the past 13 years, Tyka has written and recorded gospel music. Rededicating her life to the word of God, she now shares her message with the world.

Her latest CD 'A Brand New Me' is a 16-song compilation that inspires its listeners. Tyka wrote and sang lead and background vocals, produced, recorded and engineered each song which lifts up the name of Jesus in Tyka's own uncompromising style.

When people have commented if her older brother Prince had anything to do with the production, Tyka simply admits, 'I sing whatever comes out and if it sounds like him, I don't know it until someone tells me. Then I think maybe I should change it, but since it's really me, why? It is not my intent to sound like anyone else and I have strived to be original in everything I do. Even though my brother is someone I greatly love and respect, there can and will be only, one Prince.'

People have also asked why Tyka is not seeking the help of her brother and she explains, 'If he helps me, then the songs would no longer be my own artistic expression. And although I could have never asked for a more wonderfully talented and helpful brother he is the type that would take over and then my masterpiece would become his. We already know Prince can make great music that sells, the question is, can I?' The answer to that question is yes - yes, Tyka can.

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