Victoria Babcock
Victoria Babcock
Victoria Babcock
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Victoria Babcock

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Victoria Babcock is a passionate singer-songwriter with a powerful voice that hypnotizes audiences. Her music is honest, raw, and captures the moment, Drawing from personal experience when composing, every verse holds deep significance.

Coming from a large Rhode Island family, Victoria began singing during her freshman year of high school. Now a student at Syracuse University, she has been accepted into the premier co-ed a cappella group Groovestand. She also makes regular appearances with the underground band the Blue Light Bandits and just one of her many YouTube videos boasts over 35,000 hits.

In Victoria's Own Words

A creative, but accurate one-sentence description of your music: Honest and raw music with simple piano but meaningful lyrics.

Finish the sentence, someone will like my music if they like... Relating to an artist, coming to an understanding of what each song has to offer for each listener.

Key career highlights: Accepted into Groovestand and successful amount of views on YouTube.

What makes your music different? It comes straight from feelings and moments. No song is written just because - rather it's written with full meaning.

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you›have to offer them as an artist? It's important for people to love what I love and understand my music. I'm offering my thoughts out onto paper and then into a song.›I can only hope they'd love to hear it.

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