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Alan Boyd

Music icons The Beach Boys and their producers hired Al Gomes and Connie Watrous of Big Noise to run the successful publicity campaign that won the band, Alan Boyd, Mark Linett and Dennis Wolfe the Grammy Award for Best Historical Album for the box set 'The Smile Sessions.'

In the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers' 50-year career, The Beach Boys had never won a Grammy Award from the Voting Members of The Recording Academy. That all changed on February 10, 2013 at 55th Annual celebration when music history was finally made. The news sent ripples around the world. The New York Times declared, "The Drought is Over!"

Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson and box set producers Alan Boyd and Dennis Wolfe accepted their Grammy Awards with words of thanks to The Beach Boys, extended family, and Big Noise.

- Watch the Acceptance Speech -

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In Addition...
Al Gomes assisted Alan Boyd with the selection of tracks for The Beach Boys' career-spanning box set, 'Made In California,' which led to the inclusion of ten of Al's choices to the collection including 'Sound of Free,' 'Had to Phone Ya (Instrumental),' and 'Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love.'

Al Gomes YouTube'The Smile Sessions' animated promo video

Al Gomes YouTubeThe Making of 'The Smile Sessions' webisodes

Big Noise is also representing Alan's work as a producer. Artists and record companies can contact Big Noise about Alan at 401-274-4770 (USA) or by emailing [email protected].

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Alan Boyd Bio
(The Beach Boys Producer / Filmmaker / Tape Masters Archivist)

Alan Boyd's lifelong obsession with the music of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys has taken him on a long and slightly off-the-wall journey directly to the group itself. For Alan, his love of all things Beach and Boy goes all the way back to 1966, when he wore out his brother's copy of the SURFER GIRL album listening to 'In My Room' over and over and over again.

In the early 1990s, Alan, an award-winning documentary filmmaker who had also been writing and producing music for a series of children's videos, was asked to write and record an original theme song for a Beach Boys fan convention. The result, 'Down South (In San Diego)' quickly became something of an 'underground' hit, with copies passing along amongst Beach Boys' fans all over the world - and the song itself was even included on a bootleg CD of unreleased Brian Wilson tunes. Subsequent recordings soon found their way into the hands of Beach Boys associates Jeff Foskett, Mike Kowalski, Gary Griffin, and Brian Wilson biographer David Leaf... which, in a very strange twist of events, led to Alan becoming directly involved with The Beach Boys as a documentary filmmaker and archivist.

Since 1996, Alan has directed and/or edited a number of films for the group, including NASHVILLE SOUNDS, THE PET SOUNDS SESSIONS, ENDLESS HARMONY (for which Alan received a Grammy nomination in 2001), BRIAN WILSON 1999 (a short film that opened Brian's first-ever solo tour), GOOD TIMIN' - THE BEACH BOYS LIVE AT KNEBWORTH and, most recently, a special film for the CARL WILSON FOUNDATION concert. Alan has also produced several archival audio releases for The Beach Boys, including the ENDLESS HARMONY soundtrack compilation, and, with engineer Mark Linett, the 2001 release HAWTHORNE, CA, the 2006 album SONGS FROM HERE AND BACK for Hallmark, the 2011 Grammy Award-winning THE SMILE SESSIONS, and the band's 2013 career-spanning box set, MADE IN CALIFORNIA.

Currently, Alan is working with Brother Records and Capitol Records to organize, catalog, and preserve the mass of vintage Beach Boys tapes in their archives.

In addition to his work with the Beach Boys, Alan has continued in film and video, directing and/or editing documentary films, including specials on The Monkees, Marianne Faithfull, and Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as an award-winning big screen video presentation of Gustav Holst's THE PLANETS commissioned by NASA for screenings with live symphony orchestras. Alan also owns an extensive collection of historical film footage, restoring, preserving and licensing vintage material for documentary and broadcast clients.

Alan has also been active musically in recent years, providing the theme song for Hugh Hefner's 2008 feature documentary on morality and the movies, WHY BE GOOD, scoring short silent films for the CLASSIC ARTS CHANNEL, and touring with Adam Marsland's Chaos Band for a series of concerts highlighting the music of Carl and Dennis Wilson, culminating in the 2007 release of the live CD LONG PROMISED ROAD. In 2004, Alan released his debut album, CHANNEL SURFING - a song from this album, 'I Can't Wait To Fall Asleep Tonight' was featured prominently in the 2008 Warner Brothers feature, AMERICANIZING SHELLEY.

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