Al Gomes Music Catalog
Al Gomes Music Catalog
Al Gomes Music Catalog
Al Gomes Music Catalog
Al Gomes Music Catalog

Bandwagon - 'A Piece of Our Hearts'
Recording Session

The Probers 'Surrender to Serenity'
Acoustic TV Performance

Steve Dubois - 'Where Home Is'
Acoustic TV Performance

The Probers - 'Surrender to Serenity'
Live Band Performance

Sean Callery - 'I Want It to Be'

Derek Carvalho - 'There In Her Kiss'

Derek Carvalho - 'As Simple As That'

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Al Gomes

Al Gomes has written songs with many award-winning and reknowned songwriters including two-time
Emmy Award Winner Sean Callery
('24,' 'Medium,' 'La Femme Nikita'),
John Cafferty ('Eddie and the Cruisers'),
Jimmie Crane (Elvis Presley, Doris Day),
Mike Viola ('That Thing You Do,' 'Walk Hard'), David Minehan (Paul Westerberg, The Neighborhoods, Aerosmith),
and Chris Dominici (National Geographic Network, Fox Sports), among others. Al and his collaborators' songs have been covered by over a dozen artists.

Music supervisors can contact Big Noise about Al and his collaborators' catalog at 401-274-4770 (USA) or by emailing al@bignoisenow.com.

Listen to mp3s:

Where Home Is speaker
Written by Al Gomes, Mark Cutler, and John Cafferty
Performed by Mark Cutler and John Cafferty

Surrender to Serenity speaker
Written by Al Gomes, Jim Beaupre,
Robyn Cullen, and Mike Murnin
Performed by Jim Beaupre featuring Dan Moretti

A Piece of Our Hearts speaker
Written by Al Gomes, Mark Bram, and Jamie Kurtis
Performed by Bandwagon and
the Bandwagon Chorus

Above three tracks from the classic charity EP
Bandwagon : 'Three Sides of Hunger'
The song 'Where Home Is' was also
featured in the film 'Siren.'

'Love + well done + thanks!' - Bob Geldof

'No rock 'n' roll home should go without it.'
- Mike Boehm, Providence Journal

' 'Surrender to Serenity' is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.'
- Adam Duritz, Counting Crows

I Want It to Be (Instrumental) speaker
Written by Al Gomes, Sean Callery,
and Sharon Vessella
Performed by Sean Callery

Time speaker
Written by Al Gomes, Jim Deragon,
Connie Watrous, and Lottie Rhodes
Performed by Al Gomes, Jim Deragon,
and Aleksandr Krepkikh

Everybody's In A Hurry to Get Nowhere speaker
Written by Al Gomes, David Minehan,
and Freddie Katz
Performed by Freddie Katz and Patti Rothberg

We're Friends Again (Demo) speaker
Written by Al Gomes and Chris Dominici
Performed by Chris Dominici

Derek Carvalho EP : 'Simple As That'

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Al Gomes began writing songs in 1973 at the age of 13. After winning first place in an art contest that year (juried by Rhode Island School of Design faculty), Al set his sights on a career in arts and entertainment. At this time, Al began writing, producing, and selling homemade cassettes of both original songs and comedic skits featuring neighborhood friends that included Steven Yuppa.

His ongoing interest in songwriting solidified when Rhode Island College approved and financed a staging of Al and his new songwriting partner Jim Deragon's musical play, 'Suite Samantha' in 1983. The college also put their name and publicity might behind the project. Several of the musical's songs were also co-written and arranged by future two-time Emmy Award Winner Sean Callery ('24,' 'Medium,' 'La Femme Nikita'). The play's poster was designed by noteworthy artist Spencer Crooks (Who's Who In American Art). A sequel to the musical, 'Rich Moves,' was later staged at the concert venue The Living Room in Providence.

In 1986, inspired by Bob Geldof's Band Aid recording and Live Aid concert, Al conceived Bandwagon, along with publicist Jamie Kurtis, and co-wrote and executive produced the 3-song benefit recording, 'Three Sides of Hunger' featuring 'Where Homes Is' performed by co-writers Mark Cutler and platinum recording artist John Cafferty, 'Surrender to Serenity' performed by co-writer Jim Beaupre (along with Dan Moretti on sax), and 'A Piece of Our Hearts' (co-written with Mark Bram and Jamie Kurtis), which features soloists on including Cheryl Wheeler, and Belly and L7's Gail Greenwood plus a 150-person celebrity chorus consisting of musicians, journalists (including MTV Networks executive producer Bill Flanagan), TV broadcasters, politicians, and the heads of human service agencies.

All three Bandwagon songs received widespread radio airplay including 'A Piece of Our Hearts,' which was played simultaneously on dozens of radio stations on December 10, 1986 at 10:15 am EST.

Bandwagon's goal was to elevate awareness of the plight of the poor in America and raise monies for American agencies that aid the hungry and homeless. For his efforts, Al went on to win the coveted Jefferson Award from the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Foundation for Recognition of Outstanding Public Service, joining past recipients Oprah Winfrey and Bob Hope.

Since founding Big Noise in 1990, Al has used his songwriting experience and success to help shape dozens of songs for the artists he's worked with.

In 2010, Al co-produced and co-wrote all of the tracks on pop singer Derek Carvalho's debut CD, 'Simple As That,' followed in 2011 with pop singer Alyssa Surrette covering two of Al's songs for her CD 'Suddenly.'

To celebrate his 45th Anniversary of songwriting in 2018, Al released the single 'Time' with fellow songwriter Jim Deragon, originally from the musical 'Rich Moves.'

In 2016, Al was inducted into the Rhode Island College Hall of Fame, whose past honorees also include Academy Award winner Viola Davis, Grammy Award nominee Peter Boyer, and actor Brian Howe (NBC's 'Will & Grace').

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